Staying afloat in an increasingly polarised society.

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It’s not all Black and White.

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The relentless drag of nighttime depression.

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Let me take you down a 30-second rabbit-hole no one wants to find.

Carolina Heza via Unsplash

Childhood is a roller-coaster when your guardian has Borderline Personality Disorder.

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It could be a blessing in disguise.

Your brain can play mind-blowing tricks on you. But it has good intentions.

Some words on interreligious relationships, 5 years later.

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This isn’t your regular case of he’s kinda religious, she kinda isn’t.

Stress-induced seizures are a thing. Here’s what you should know.

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The Beginning

And I wasn’t one myself.

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Well, here goes nothing

Mina Azaria

I have a few dark stories to share.

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