The relentless drag of nighttime depression.

Trigger warning: depression & suicidal thoughts

It might be a perfectly adequate day. Filled with tasks and to-dos and trivialities. You’re a functioning human being with routines and responsibilities; hopes and aspirations.

But then, something stirs deep within you at sundown.

It may not happen immediately, but with the darkness…

Let me take you down a 30-second rabbit-hole no one wants to find.

An intense pang of yearning homesickness for a time or a place you don't even know.

The faintly buzzing static sensation of a bone-dry atmosphere, deep inside your skull.

Like two polarized magnets inside your head— North and South. You try to push them together.

Childhood is a roller-coaster when your guardian has Borderline Personality Disorder.

For as long as I can remember, the most “triggering” sight for me is seeing a grown man cry. For someone who prides themselves on rejecting gender stereotypes and indeed feels sadness whenever I see any fellow human breaking down, there is just something about the sight of a man’s…

It could be a blessing in disguise.

Feeling fragile? Crippling social anxiety, off your food and struggling to get out of bed each day?

Maybe you feel an overwhelming sense of exhaustion, apathy, and impending doom?

Don’t worry — you’re probably on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

I mean no sarcasm or distasteful dismissal by this…

Mina Azaria

I have a few dark stories to share.

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